Product Management & Strategy Consultation

Product Management & Strategy Consultation

60 minutes

📦Have an existing IT product or an idea?


You can book a 1-hour call with me to go through your concept, current problems, and existing questions.

🤔Who needs this consultation?


If you can relate to one of the points below, then you most certainly need it.


  1. Stuck with your own idea and don't know where to start
  2. Have an existing product you are not satisfied with in multiple aspects and don't know the best way to continue
  3. Don't understand what's important for your product at this stage of a product cycle
  4. Are questioning your business model
  5. Need an assessment of your product and/or strategy

🧶What areas can you get advice on?

My expertise covers the following aspects:

✅Product Vision & Feature Prioritization


✅UX/UI Design

✅Product Analytics & Key Success Metrics

✅Marketing & Product Growth

✅Scaling Up

✅Product Team & HR

📅How to book a consultancy?


Follow the steps via this link -