About — Max Yampolsky
About — Max Yampolsky

About — Max Yampolsky

About Me

Systematic thinker with data-oriented mindset.

Life student and enthusiast — continuously learn, explore, and grow.


Founder of 2 rapidly-growing startups.

Product manager with a track record of 40+ web & mobile projects.

Digital service marketplace expert — helped people to generate $1M+ in revenue on Upwork since 2013.

My mission is to accelerate people and businesses with technology.

For every project started, my goal is to make impact.

I co-founded OB Trading to make profitable investment tools easy and accessible to everyone.

I co-founded Scalifier to help young entrepreneurs to get untapped potential of online service marketplaces.

I started my blog to share my journey so that YOU can learn from it and become better.

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Notable Projects

Notable Projects



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