3 Reasons Why I Listen To Audiobooks Every Day

Date published
Apr 10, 2021
Last updated
Jul 31, 2021 3:54 PM

Over the last 7 months, I completed 19 audiobooks.

On average, I spend 48 minutes every day listening (~ that's around 32 pages).

I found books, specifically audiobooks, to have a profound impact on shaping my personality.

I can even say with straight confidence that audiobooks are the primary source of change in my life.

Big thanks to @vadymhimself for sparking my initial interest and sourcing the recommendations.

What do I read?

I aim to read something that will help me grow. I usually read things that will lead me to find answers or generate new ideas.

I do not read fiction.

What did I learn?

I learn different things — from how to create greater companies to the human mind's psychology; from how to build better habits to the better ways of designing marketing messages.

Almost everything I read I can start applying right away in my daily life.

So why exactly audiobooks?

I'm Lazy...

One of the reasons I started listening to audiobooks is that I was too lazy to consistently read paper ones.

It doesn't take much — pull my headphones on and press Play.

It doesn't take extra time either. Audiobooks are great in combination with "auto-pilot" activities. I only listen to audiobooks when I'm busy with something else — workouts, transport, chores.

They allow me to do the same as I would do either way but with extra benefit.

It keeps my mind busy

My mind is hungry. If you don't give it proper "food" to absorb, it may sometimes start consuming sorts of junk it can imagine.

Especially during the inactivity gaps, my mind tries to go loose — dwell in past events or overthink the future.

Audiobooks help to occupy my mind with something useful, so it doesn't fly away.

I'm in control

Besides their practicality, audiobooks also provide flexibility.

I can control the speed. If the narrator is speaking too slowly, I can speed it up.

I can fast-forward or fast-rewind. If I missed a certain fragment or part of the sentence, just press ↩ Back 1-2 times and re-listen to it.


  • Audiobooks do not require a lot of effort to start listening to but can have a profound impact on your growth.
  • Audiobooks can be easily combined with workouts, commutes, and household activities.
  • Audiobooks is a well-balanced meal for your mind
  • In addition to practicality, they allow greater flexibility with their fast-rewind and speed control mechanics