Max Yampolsky ⚡ Entrepreneur, Writer, Product Manager

Max Yampolsky ⚡ Entrepreneur, Writer, Product Manager

Co-founded 2 rapidly-growing digital startups. Launched 40+ web & mobile products. Generated $1M+ to people on Upwork marketplace.

Growing every day. Learning and making mistakes. Sharing my journey.

I write about 💥productivity & self-improvement, 🚀startups & IT, 👨🏻‍💻 freelancing, career & remote work.

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What will you find in my blog and newsletter?

  • 📖The most powerful insights from best-selling books
  • ⚙️How to make simple and effective systems for personal productivity
  • 🚀Founder's lessons and challenges of building online startups
  • 💻Product manager's insights about creating web and mobile products that users love
  • 👨🏻‍💻Building career on freelance digital marketplaces
  • ⭐Strategies for marketing and brand management

You will find it useful if:

  • You have a growth mindset — you are willing to learn, continuously discover, explore, willing to fail
  • You have an existing business or think about having one
  • You are into digital products: designer, developer, product manager, content creator, marketer
  • You want to build your career and earn more

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